PLF C++ Library

PLF is a collection of library modules for C++. At this stage I am only releasing plf::colony and plf::stack, container class templates providing high performance without pointer invalidation. Please click on the links below to learn more about them and download. More library modules may come in time. All modules are under a Zlib permissive license and support C++03/C++11/C++14. Tested compilers include Clang 3.61-3.71, GCC 4.6-5.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), MS Visual C++ 2010-2015.

plf::colony - An unordered data container providing fast iteration/insertion/erasure while maintaining pointer validity to non-erased elements.

plf::stack - A data container similar to std::stack but with better performance.

The jump-counting skipfield pattern - A skipfield pattern which avoids branching during iteration and supercedes boolean skipfields (PDF).

NZGDC Talk 2015

The following simplified presentation titled "Colonies, performance and why you should care!" was help at the NZ Game Developers Conference in September 2015.
Download powerpoint slides

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